von admin Vika Rozentsveih

"Every mention of an arrival is always a chaos of thoughts in head, because arrivals in the occupied territory have their own peculiarities. When explosions on the territory of free Ukraine are an enemy strike, it is always a loss. And when a missile or shell hits the occupied territories, it is mostly the Ukrainian military hitting the occupiers' equipment depots and locations. And you know that this is good, it brings de-occupation closer, but you also think about your relatives who live nearby. Or it can be a mortar or artillery attack from the occupiers, and then there are even more thoughts and worries. 

"Did their windows or ours get blown out?" 
"Did they get hurt in any way?" 
"Did anyone get trapped under the rubble?"
"Did it hit our apartment?"

From a letter by Vika Rozentsveih

Link to the video: https://youtu.be/RJp_0pJ59Eg

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