Inga-Lisa Burmester

Inga-Lisa Burmester

hat mit ihrem Comic „Cool Cops On The Case“ bei dem Europäischen Comic-Schools-Contest 2018 (Clip Studio Paint) teilgenommen.
Sie ist eine der Gewinner*innen in der Kategorie „One Shots“.


Der Comic hat 13 Seiten + Cover, ist farbig und auf Englisch verfasst.

„New York City has been haunted by a vicious serial killer and it’s up to the detectives John and Paris to find him - with the power of their friendship!“

Der Comic kann hier online gelesen werden:

Feedback der Jury:
It was very fun to read this vibrant and colorful piece. After the huge twist at the end of the story, I couldn’t stop myself from reading it all over again! When I read the whole thing again, I noticed the symbols and items hinting at the final twist. This is really clever storytelling. I enjoy the adorable scenes where the characters shake hands and their childish nature shows.

The sense of tension gradually increases throughout the story, and the author’s intentions come through well. It has a good story.

Yoshiyash Tamura:
I think this story is perfect. The art is also great. The artist created an unexpected twist in such a short number of pages, and the story is so interesting. The composition is very well thought-out, such as the positioning of the characters in each panel. The way it directs the viewer’s gaze is at a professional level. I want to see more comics from this artist.

Ken Niimura:
The story flows really well from beginning to end. I was won over the characters, who are interestingly written, and very alive thanks to their expressiveness.

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